Oorja Technical Service Pvt Ltd is a expanding ourselves in field of Transformer testing and maintenance services such as Transformer oil filtration, Circuit Breaker testing, Relay testing- (Electro Technical & Numerical), Electrical Cables testing, Transformer Oil testing, Power / Distribution  Transformer testing, Current Transformer & Potential Transformer testing, Earth pit testing, Overhauling Work of circuit breaker and  Power/Distribution Transformer, Oil leakage arresting service.

We are expanding in the field of Transformer testing from our central location to Pan India Location. We are available at Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Assam, Sikkim, Bhopal.
and continue taking steps forward to fulfill all technical, commercial and location requirements of our clients.

In our lab facility, We conduct the Electrotechnical calibration. Energy meters, phase analyzer, Digital multifunction meters, high voltage break down tester,
High voltage insulation resistance tester, earth tester, multi-meter, clamp meter, frequency meters of Industrial Companies, pharmaceutical, and Government Industrial plants
are highly appreciated services.

We are committed to expand our service area expertise with our technical scope of work.